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This article from the Richmond Enquirer describes the March 1863 explosion at the Confederate States Laboratory, an ordinance factory, on Brown's Island in Richmond, Virginia. Published three days after the accident, this article describes the…

Screenshot-2018-3-20 Wreck_of_the_Royal_Tar jpg (JPEG Image, 4083 × 2238 pixels) - Scaled (31%).jpg
In October 1836, less than one year after it was built, the Royal Tar exploded and burned after being caught in a gale on its voyage between Eastport, New Brunswick, and Portland, Maine. Aboard the ship was a menagerie known as Burgess and Dexter's…

1840 currier lexington.jpeg
On his own and later in partnership with James Merritt Ives, Nathaniel Currier published at least 200 lithographs of steamboats, more than one-fourth of which portrayed explosions or collisions, the earliest of which was this print of the Lexington,…
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