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Soham Wreakage Photo from the Scotsman 2.jpg
On the night of 2 June 1944, a train carrying bombs to Allied airfields further caught fire at Soham in Cambridgeshire in eastern England. Railway workers at the station quickly decoupled the flaming wagon before it exploded, destroying the station…

The Ashtabula Disaster, Harper's Weekly.jpg
This illustration from Harper’s Weekly Magazine shows the Ashtabula Railroad Bridge Disaster of 29 December 1876. The illustration shows the immediate aftermath of the destruction of Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad train number 5, the…

Accident on Camden and Amboy RR.tif
Twenty-four people died and many more were injured in this when four cars derailed near Burlington, N.J. The train was on its way from Philadelphia to New York,which was arguably the most profitable railroad route in the U.S. The Camden and Amboy…
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