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This photo documents the devastating tornado that touched down in the independent city of Petersburg, Virginia, on 6 August 1993 at approximately 1:30 p.m.. This tornado rapidly grew in size and strength as it moved two miles northeast into the…

This photo is from a news report provided by the Richmond-based television station WRIC. It shows the destruction of a local Walmart by a tornado that occurred on 6 August 1993, when shoppers and employees were inside the building. One hundred…

1913-03-22 - Letter to Elizabeth Hollinger (1).tif
E.R. Morrissette, captain of the steamer City of Mobile wrote a condolence letter informing Elizabeth Hollinger that her mother and four siblings had perished after a tornado devastated her hometown of Lower Peachtree, Alabama, on March, 21, 1913.…
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